you should just
fall in love with me.
hi, nice to meet you. the name's kisa. i have a passion for anime, manga, and japanese culture. i often spend my time watching anime or reading manga. i fall in love with male characters much easier than female characters, in fact makoto tachibana is my soulmate and we're actually married. i've also taken a liking to my swimming homos and my basketballing homos.

besides anime, manga, and all things japanese, i like the smell of vanilla. to me, it's a very comfortable scent, almost nostalgic. i also like eating sweets, like cute cakes. overall i'm a tea/coffee person, and i enjoy drinking hot chocolate as well. a lot of people like warmer temperatures but i find myself preferring winter over summer. i love winter; the way it snows, the way your breath is visible in the cold air, the way it smells, the way you think you can hear faint christmas music.

anyways, i'm an introverted person. i have pretty good social skills, but even so, i very much prefer to be alone, just because being around other people drains my energy. but don't feel like you can't talk to me! i may not say much but i do think a lot and keep your words in mind. please feel free to talk to me anytime, it'd make me very happy.

xoxo, kisa

  shishio satsuki  |  colored by: ♥  |  cap credit: ♥
  shishio satsuki  |  colored by:   |  cap credit: 

Posted: 11 months ago
hirunaka no ryuusei daytime shooting star shishio satsuki satsuki shishio manga kcolors kcolors: hirunaka no ryuusei kcolors: satsuki shishio my love shishio
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